Can I make the payment in any currency besides Rupee and Dollar and what will be the rate of exchange? 
Yes, you can make in any currency but we would prefer to be paid in US dollars and Indian National Rupee. The current rate of exchange would be applicable.

If I have someone in India can he/she make the payment in India on my behalf and can you deliver it to me directly? 
Yes, we can do that, but please drop us an email from our Contact Us page beforehand with your request.

How do you take my measurements? 
Just fill up the Measurement Form in our website or you can also courier your best-fit blouse to us and we would make your new blouse with those measurements and return them.

Can I edit the measurements I have put in the Measurement Form? 
Yes, you can but you have to inform us within 24 hours and we would mail you another form.

Are you offering delivery to my doorstep? 
Yes, we have hired Fedex to deliver all our packages to your doorstep

What hppens if I receive damaged goods? 
Don't worry, your goods would be insured - if the damage is on transit then we would get it from Fedex. However, if you feel the damage was on our side, we would replace your entire purchase.

I am concerned about my credit card details. 
You need not be. We accept payments through PayPal.com which has a highly secured payment system and they transfer millions of dollars annually across 160 countries.

What is the delivery time of orders? 
If your selected item does not require customization, then you would receive your goods within 10 days. If it requires customization, then it would reach you within 20 days.

What will be the courier charges? 
Fedex best charges.

Can you make delivery to any place? 
Yes, Fedex reaches everywhere - they have the largest network.

Do you accept personal cheques? 
No, we do not accept personal cheques

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