Indian Lahenga and Choli – Lahenga-Choli

The Lehenga Choli, also known as Lehnga, is a three-piece attire comprising the lehenga, a long Indian skirt worn by Indian women across India. Secured at the waist with the mid-riff left bare, lehenga is usually worn on ceremonial occasions, festivals and weddings. It is generally embroidered, printed or embellished and is worn with a fitting blouse called ‘choli’. Additionally, the lehenga-choli is paired with a ‘dupatta’ which acts as a sari pallu and covers the mid-riff and head, depending on how one wishes to drape it, going by the occasion.

History of The Lahenga Choli:

Lehenga Choli became popular as an attire amongst women mainly in North India, during the 10th century. The lehenga evolved through fine craftsmanship with the arrival of Mughals in India and their subsequent rule from the 12th to the 18th century. The original, ancient form of lehenga was mainly stitched from cotton, after which royal fabrics and embroideries like silk & brocade were used, making lehenga further evolve into royal attire.

The making of The Lahenga Choli:

The intricate stitching of a lehenga choli dupatta set or a ghagra choli takes about a minimum of twenty days depending on factors like the fabric, embellishments. Hand-stitched, hand-woven Lehengas end up taking longer owing to the detailing that goes into it.

Types of Lahenga Choli:

Various types of Lahenga Cholis are available now a days with variations and twist. Let us check out.

Floral Print Lahenga Choli:

This type of lahenga choli is made from printed farbic which has a flower print over it.

Here in this image this lahenga choli is made of rae silk fabric with net duppatta of bronze colour. The same lahenga choli was worn by bollywood actress Deepika Padukon on her Sangeet Ceremony.

Ruffle Lahenga Choli:

Ruffle is the newest trend now a days. In this type of lahenga choli either lahenga or the duppatta or both comes in ruffle manner.

In this image the model is wearing ruffle lahenga choli made from silk fabric and organza fabric which has flower embroidery done.

Bridal Lahenga Choli:

Lahenga Choli made for bridal used to be heavy than the rest of the lahenga choli. It contains heavy material with heavy embroidery work over it. It contains traditional embroidery work such parrots, peacocks or flowers and leaves.

Here in this bridal lahenga choli the model is wearing maroon coloured lahenga choli made from velvet fabric. This lahenga choli has golden coloured embroidery work over it.

Net Lahenga Choli:

Net lahenga choli has always been a part of fashion and trend. It is made from soft or hard net material.

This lahenga choli, in the image, is made from net fabric which is of dark cream in colour. It has silk fabric inside the net layer. Here it is worn by bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan.

Plain Lahenga Choli:

This type of Lahenga choli comes in plain manner but  not plain and simple at all. This lahenga choli is made from plain fabric and with it multi coloured duppatta or heavy embroidered dupatta is given.

Here in this image, this lahenga choli is made of plain, cream coloured organza fabric with multi coloured embroidered net Duppatta. Here it is worn by bollywood actress kriti Kharbanda.

Layered Lahenga Choli:

This kind of lahenga choli used to have layered lahenga. This layered lahenga can be made from different colours, fabric or has different kind embroidery work done to differ the layers.

Here in this image Bollywood Actress Malaika Arora Khan is wearing layered lahenga choli made from blue coloured silk and net fabric with brown coloured heavy embroidery work over it.

Lahenga Choli with Jacket:

Now here comes the indo – western twist. This kind of lahenga choli usually has a lahnega and choli and at place of duppatta it comes with jacket. jacket comes of different lengths and fabrics.

This Lahenga choli is made of raw silk fabric which is of black colour. This lagenga choli has a jacket in stead of traditional duppatta. It has got mirror work done over it.

Silk Lahenga Choli:

Silk lahenga choli is made from any silk threads such as banarasi silk, kerala silk, cotton silk, raw silk and so on.

In this image silver coloured lahenga choli made from silk fabric is worn by bollywood actress Sana Khan.

So here was the brief information about indian traditional wear lahnega choli and duppatta.

Jewellery and Accessories:

Different kind of jewellery can be wore here with this outfit. Sometimes female chose to wear only long, heavy jhumkhas or sometimes the whole jewellery sets, depends on the occasions. As an accessories potli purse, which can be made from same fabric of lahenga and choli and high heels goes best.

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