Womens Size Chart for Indian Ethnic dresses

Please check following size chart for women while you enjoy your shopping with us, It makes our team of designers and tailors to understand the measurements provided by you so we can stitch perfectly fitting outfit.

Womens size chart for ethnic indian wear like salwar suit, plazo, lehenga choli and more.
Women Size Chart for Indian Ethnic Wear on www.fashionkafatka.com

How to Have an Enticing look in Weddings

India is a place where different types of people live together with love and compassion. They never lose any opportunity to celebrate occasions and festivals. When it comes to celebration, it becomes the priority to have a great appearance so that one can get special attention from their loved ones as well as others.

For having a great and unique appearance at parties, wearing trending attire matters the most. This is why most people want to have a cloth that is designed in a good manner and can get them an alluring look. For this, the Fashion Ka Fatka Understands your needs and offers you a wide range of clothes at a single place.

A wedding is an occasion that comes once in a lifetime and this is why it matters the most for everyone. If you want to get ready for a wedding, the kurta pajama can be a better suit for you. In this article, you will get entire suggestions of how, where to buy the chicest kurtas for weddings.

Let’s Explore properly;

Kurtas for Weddings in Various Color

However for weddings, there are various clothes worn by people, but the Kurta has a special recognition amongst most of them. Whether you are getting prepared for your, or your loved one’s wedding, you can have a great look by wearing an outstanding kurta from the comfort of your home. Kurtas like Fabulous Heavy Ready-made Kurta Pajama, Haldi Ceremony Wear Yellow Kurta Pajama, and many more are available in different colors at Fashion Ka Fatka.

Trending Kurtas in Unbeatable Designs

A unique range of kurta pajama is available there in different designs for giving you a better experience at weddings. All trending kurtas such as Exotic Red Men’s Ready-made Kurta Pajama, Fantastic Peach Ready-made kurta Pajama, and Lovely Orange & Off White Kurta Pajama are available for willing customers in various designs.

Enticing Kurtas That Suits You The Most

Enticing kurtas are passionately offered by Fashion Ka Fatka so that you can accelerate your dressing experience. Best Wedding Kurtas For Men including Admirable Ready-made Kurta Pajama, Nice Orange & Chikoo Color Kurta Pajama, and many more can be the best suit for you for having a great and admirable appearance in weddings.

Fabulous Kurtas at Reduced Cost

Are you wondering about the cost? Rest assured! At Fashion Ka You don’t need to be afraid of costs for clothes. Now exhibit your smart and good-looking appearance by having Best Wedding Kurtas For Men in weddings at a reduced cost. Wonderful Dark Green & White Kurta Pajama, Dazzling Gray & Beige Kurta Pajama, Latest Ready-made Men’s Wear Kurta Pajama, and a lot more can be found cost-effectively at Fashion Ka Fatka.


Fashion Ka Fatka is unbeatable for a better experience of online shopping. It offers an endless range of clothes at an affordable cost. Not only cost but also has no comparison in providing customer-friendly services. Visit for perfect and trending dresses online.

A Unique Guide for Bollywood Designer Dresses Online Shopping

When it comes to fashion, Bollywood has a massive impact on Indian Clothes. Almost everyone has a fashion icon in the guise of an actor and actress of Bollywood. It has so influenced its followers that they want to wear a dress designed by following their favorite actor or actress.

Whether male or female, if they are a follower of Bollywood they have their favorite actors and actresses. Whenever they have to buy a dress, they prefer dresses designed as per the Bollywood fashion trend. That is how Bollywood has impacted Indian attire and fashion trends.

Are you one of them and want to find an exact place for online shopping? If yes, then this article is for you. Through this article, you will get all answers to your questions. We have tried our best to shine a light on it so that you can let your interruptions away while shopping.

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State-of-the-art Collection for Your Need

Whether you are a male-female, when it comes to fashion, no one agrees to sacrifice. It is obvious because putting on a dress identifies you up to some extent. That is why Fashion Ka Fatka has gathered an enormous collection of Bollywood dresses for you. The New-fashioned clothes are competent enough for giving you an alluring look at parties and wedding ceremonies.

An Embellished Collection of Bollywood Sarees and Bollywood Replica Sarees

When it comes to Indian culture and tradition, the saree has special recognition and priority amongst women. There are various Indian clothes available but saree has its special role on weddings and festivals. You can get a wide range of sarees such as Sonali Bendre Color Screen Award Style Blue Saree, Kareena Kapoor Style Black Net Saree, Madhuri Dixit Style Saree in Jhalak Dikhlaja, and many others as per your need and satisfaction.

Floor Length Indian Dresses- Bollywood Gown & Floor Length Anarkali

An astonishing Gown and Floor length Anarkali will suit you the most at weddings. Although it’s a western dress, it has now become a prominent part of Indian attire. Gowns like Magnificent Manish Malhotra Bridal Collection Red Gown, Yaami Gautam in Beige Golden Gown, and an endless range of that is enough for making you worth appreciating in Weddings.

Not Only for Women But Also For Men

An alluring collection of Bollywood clothes is available not only for women but also for men. White Kurta Pajama Set with Youngistan Jacket and many more are available at Fashion Ka Fatka at affordable rates. Visit for having Bollywood Dresses and Clothes Online as per your desire conveniently.


Now, when you have clear information regarding shopping for Bollywood Clothes and Dresses Online, if you ask me I would suggest you do shopping from Fashion Ka Fatka for a sumptuous collection of Indian dresses. This offers you whatever you need and loves its customers by providing them cost-effective services.

A Mould-breaking Way of Getting Enticing Indian Dresses Online

India is world-renowned for its tradition and culture. The people of India adore their culture and enjoy it as well. India is a country where people celebrate festivals and occasions with passion and enthusiasm. As this is the place of festivals and cultural functions, looking attractive matters the most.

When it comes to looking amazing, wearing unparalleled clothing becomes the priority for most people. Wearing an updated attire is the way that enables you to be attractive at festivals. But the biggest dilemma is how to find perfect designer clothes conveniently.

This is the point where most people get stuck and start considering it. Are you one of them? Rest assured! The Fashion Ka Fatka is the place where you can be facilitated by a massive offer. Through this article, you will be aware of the entire nitty-gritty of it.

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Online Shopping

As almost everything is conducted online all around the world, most people have become used to online shopping right now. Online shopping has become a trend especially due to covid 19 restrictions. It is notable that online shopping is not popular only for restrictions but it has numerous advantages that are indescribable. If you are looking for an online shopping destination, you can visit the Fashion Ka Fatka for reliable services.

Astonishing Clothes Online

When you browse the website of Fashion Ka Fatka you will find a wide variety of clothes available here. The range is unbeatable and beyond your imagination. An endless range of clothes will make you overwhelmed by their designs and looks. Do visit Fashion Ka Fatka for having Stylish Indian Dresses Online from the comfort of your home.

Buy Clothes As Per Your Needs and Desire

When it comes to fashion, everyone has his/her own choice and it also can vary depending on gender and generation gap. But the Fashion Ka Fatka Understands your will and offers whatever you want. Let’s have a look at those_

  • Saree_ You can buy Wedding Saree, Soulmates, Festival saree, Partywear saree, and Casual saree at one shop.
  • Salwar Suit_ Breathtaking salwar suits such as Bollywood Salwar Suit, Fashion Dhamaka Salwar Suit, Readymade Salwar Suit, Designer Salwar Suit, and Wedding Salwar Suit, will suit you the most.
  • Lehengas_ Bridal Lehenga, Bollywood Lehenga Choli, and Chaniya Choli are capable enough for giving you an alluring look at weddings.
  • Serwani_ Awesome Green Sherwani, Exotic Blue Sherwani, and so on are available for your needs.
  • Kurta Pajamas_ Chicest Kurta Pajamas like Classy Yellow & Beige Kurta Pajama, Magnificent Orange & Beige Kurta Pajama, and an endless range of the same will assist you to look unbeatable at parties and marriage ceremonies.

This is the one-stop destination for Stylish Indian Dresses Online for every occasion conveniently.


Whether you are a male or female, or a person of any age, the Great Fashion Ka Fatka is at your service 24/7. You can get astonishing clothes at an affordable price from here. Don’t get late!

Tips for Buying Matching Dresses for Mother & Daughter

The love that a mother has for her kids is beyond description, and can’t be defined in words. When it comes to a daughter, this matters the most. A mother always wants her daughter to be in perfect and alluring outfits. This is because she loves her daughter more than anything and leaves no stone untouched to make her daughter look amazing.

Gone are the days when mothers and their daughters had different dresses to wear but now the scenario is different and most of them want to wear the same dress. The mother-daughter matching dresses have become the fashion trend and loved by most women all around the world.

If you are one of them and have the same opinion, you can buy the best Mother And Daughter Matching Dresses Online without moving even a single step. Go through this article and have the entire suggestions for buying a great matching dress conveniently.

Let’s have a look:

Various Designed Mother Daughter Dress

If you are looking for an unbeatable range of Mother and daughter matching dresses, the Fashion Ka Fatka can be your exact destination. This is capable of fulfilling your entire needs of clothes collection without any interruption. This is filled with a wide range of clothes that are incomparable in designs and unbeatable in rates. Every service is unparalleled and will let you enhance your shopping experience.

A Range That Fulfils Your Needs

If you require a mother and daughter matching dress, the best and amazing service is at Fashion Ka Fatka. You will get your entire issues resolved related to clothes. That range of clothes that it offers you will fulfill your needs. For Mother And Daughter Matching Dresses Online, this can be the accurate destination for you.

Dresses Come Under Your Budget

Are you thinking about the cost? Rest Assured! When it comes to cost-effective shopping, this is unbeatable. There is no comparison of the Fashion Ka Fatka in providing the dresses at reduced costs. You can buy the dresses from Wonderful Mother-Daughter Style Embroidered Sharara Suit And Frock Combo, to Lovely Mother-Daughter Style Floor Length Heavy Gown Combo under your affordable price according to your will.

Online Shopping

Have you ever thought of shopping from your home? Yes, now at Fashion Ka Fatka, you can buy whatever dress you want from the comfort of your home. There is no need of moving anywhere when you can get your desirable Mother And Daughter Matching Dresses Online conveniently. Online shopping has made it simpler than ever to buy clothes from home, leverage the convenience, and do shopping.


If you are willing to buy a mother-daughter matching dress online, then this article will certainly help you a lot. You can get the entire necessary suggestions on how to buy this with simple and a few steps. By going through this article you will not only be able to buy the clothes online but you will also be aware of the reduced costs.

The simplest way to Buy Sherwani

Marriage comes once in life and this is why people want to make it memorable for their entire life. Everyone wants to look attractive and handsome at his wedding. There are various kinds of clothes that are worn by most people on occasions for the enhancement of their personality. Although there are multiple dresses for weddings yet the sherwani has its own value and is preferred by a large number of grooms.

When it comes to weddings the most noticeable point is the right dress collection that can make a groom attractive. For doing the same sherwani is one of the best choices for men that can give them an alluring look. Whenever we go to any marriage ceremony we see most of the grooms are in sherwani, this is how important sherwani is in weddings.

Are you going to get married soon, or do you have to go to attend your friend’s wedding? No matter whatever! You can get a wide range of the best sherwani collection for weddings at an affordable price. All you need to do is go through this article, gather information, and apply these for getting a perfect collection.

Let’s take a look:

Unparalleled Sherwani

As it is mentioned above sherwani is the most preferred clothes for weddings among the men’s all around the world, having a perfect collection matters the most. Without an accurate service provider for clothes, no one can get the right attire to wear at weddings. The best Fashion Ka Fatka understands its costumes will what kind of dress collection they need to have. This is the reason it offers you the best and unbeatable collection of Men Sherwani for Weddings so that you can get an appealing appearance at weddings.

Sherwani for Weddings

With a wide range of sherwani, the Fashion Ka Fatka is at your service. Amazing sherwani such as Awesome Green Sherwani, Attractive Blue Sherwani, Fantastic Golden Color Sherwani, Wonderful Coffee Color Sherwani is the best suit that will make your appearance unforgettable at weddings. Visit the Fashion Ka Fatka for having Men Sherwani for Weddings.

Sherwani at Reduced Cost

If you are thinking about the cost, rest assured! The cost is customer-friendly at Fashion Ka Fatka so that you can get your preferred clothes conveniently. Whether you are looking for a shop for reliable services including lower prices, you can visit the Fashion Ka Fatka that adores its customers and serves them with optimal services.

Sherwani Online

Now, there is no need to leave your place to get a sherwani collection. You can simply buy your preferred one with online shopping. Fashion Ka Fatka provides you with shopping from the comfort of your home. Visit to buy Men Sherwani for Weddings online.


Now you have the entire information regarding how to buy the best sherwani for weddings, do visit the concerning shop for getting accurate Sherwani conveniently. Here you can buy sherwani for weddings at a reliable cost and you can buy the same online from the comfort of your home.

Tips for Buying Kurta for Men for Special Occasion

Weddings are one of the most important occasions when people want to wear dresses that can give them an amazing look. Being the center of attraction is a part of human nature that can’t be denied. Most people want to have an appealing look and it needs trending and updated attire that can compel others to appreciate the dress.

Although various clothes are worn by people on occasions, Kurta Pajamas have a uniqueness that can’t be ignored. Kurta Pajamas are the best option for marriage ceremonies that are capable enough of giving a special look. If you are one of those who prefer wearing Kurta Pajamas at weddings, rest assured!

If you are one of those who love wearing Kurta Pajamas, the Fashion Ka Fatka is at your service. This is a one-stop shop for a wide range of clothes. You can get unbeatable Kurta Pajamas for weddings at lower costs. Go through this article and leverage the knowledge.

Let’s have a look:

Incomparable Range of Kurta Pajama

Are you going to attend a marriage ceremony and willing to wear Kurta Pajamas? If the answer is yes, then you can have a better place for getting it. You can buy the best and trending kurta pajamas for the wedding so that you can look amazing. These amazing kurta Pajamas will give you the look that will compel others to appreciate your dress and smartness. The Fashion Ka Fatka offers you unparalleled Kurta Pajamas conveniently for your comfort.

Various designer Kurta Pajamas for Weddings

Whether you want to get Black Ready-Made Kurta Pajama, Navy Blue & Ready-Made Kurta Pajama, Mind-Blowing Men’s Wear Kurta Pajama, or any other, all you can buy at an affordable price. The Fashion Ka Fatka provides you entire services online so that you can buy your willing dresses from the comfort of your home. These Kurta Pajamas are specially designed for weddings so that you can enhance your dressing experience.

Kurta Pajamas Online

If you are thinking about the interruptions that come across while buying clothes, don’t worry! Fashion Ka Fatka provides you with an online shopping facility for your comforts. No matter whatever design of Kurta Pajama you need to get, all are available here under one roof. Visit for online shopping and optimize your shopping experience.

Kurta Pajamas at Reduced Costs

When it comes to reduced cost, this is unbeatable. You can never find any other option for cost-effective shopping. Fashion Ka Fatka Understands the needs of its customers and this is why it provides amazing clothes at a reduced cost. No customer can go with unfulfilled desire from here because it facilitates its customer entire services passionately that pleases customers. Visit to buy the best Kurta Pajamas.


Whether you are planning and preparing yourself for your friend’s marriage, or your brother’s marriage, the best Kurta Pajamas offered by Fashion Ka Fatka will make your appearance good-looking. No need to think about expenditure and other issues. You can get every facility according to your comfort.

The Simplest Way to Buy Bollywood Lehenga

Bollywood has left a massive impact on people’s mindsets, activities, and fashion as well. Whatever they see in films or serials, adopt those and try them in their daily lives. They want to be like their favorite actor and actress. This is the reason Bollywood designer dresses are preferred by a large number of people all around the world.

Most people want to wear a dress that can make them look like their favorite actors and actresses. When it comes to talking about clothes, the women are more selective than the men. This is the reason that whenever you go to any party, or marriage ceremony you can see the women wearing Bollywood designer dresses.

When it comes to marriage or any special occasion Lehengas are preferred by a large number of women. Are you one of them and trying to get Bollywood Lehengas for you? If yes, you can do it easily. The Fashion Ka Fatka with a wide range of Bollywood lehengas is at your service. All you need to do is go through this article and explore the facilities offered by it.

Unbeatable Lehengas

If you are passionate enough about Bollywood lehengas, you can get it conveniently. With an unbeatable collection of lehengas, the Fashion Ka Fatka is at your service. It understands your dreams and this is why it offers you your preferred lehengas that will make your dream come true. Numerous shops offer Bollywood lehengas but you can’t find any other better than this. This range is unbeatable and capable of making you like your favorite angels.

Lehengas Worn by Your Favorite Actress

Are you looking for the lehengas worn by your favorite actress? If yes, you can buy that easily. Whether you have to visit your friend’s wedding, or you are preparing for an upcoming festival, you can be like your favorite actress. With the wide range of lehengas such as Kareena Kapoor Pink Lehenga at Amrita Arora’s Wedding, Anushka Sharma Style Lehenga at India’s Got Talent, Amrita Rao Style White Gown With Jacket at 58th Filmfare Awards, and many more the Fashion Ka Fatka has an endless range of Lehengas for your convenience.

Bollywood Lehenga for Weddings

Have you ever thought of wearing a Bollywood lehenga? Now, you can make your dream come true by visiting the Fashion ka Fatka. This is the one-stop destination for various designed Bollywood lehengas. When you visit here you will be amazed by the rates and the services provided by this shop.

Affordable Costs

When it comes to cost, this is unbeatable. The Fashion Ka Fatka provides its customers a wide range of Bollywood Lehengas at an affordable price. Whether you want to buy Shreya Ghoshal Blue Floor Length Anarkali Lehenga or any other lehenga, all come at cheaper rates.


Getting Bollywood lehengas is now cheaper and convenient with Fashion Ka Fatka. If you want to buy, visit here to have a gargantuan range of Bollywood lehengas so that you can get the attraction of your loved ones.

Tips for Indian Dresses Online Shopping

When it comes to wearing a perfect and updated attire, Indian clothes have more preference than any other clothes. Indian dresses have massive popularity among people all around the world. They want to wear a dress that can enable them to be attractive, and for this, Indian clothes are the best option for doing the same.

Now that the entire activities of the universe are being operated using digital platforms, many shops offer online shopping for the people who are willing to buy clothes. If you have a will to buy the best designed Indian clothes, you can visit the Fashion ka Fatka for having a wide range of trending clothes.

Whether you are willing to buy a Salwar Kameez, Saree, or a Sherwani for any occasion, you can get these from the comfort of your home. You can get amazingly designed clothes at an affordable price. If you are going to do the same, get ideas from this article so that you can get a convenient online shopping experience.

Let’s explore:

One-Stop Destination for Various Clothes

Are you willing to get a dress collection for a marriage ceremony or any occasion? If yes, your problem will no longer be the problem, because you will have a wide range of clothes under one roof. It becomes a traumatic situation when we don’t have a reliable Shop that we can count on for buying dresses. That’s why Fashion ka Fatka serves you with a wide range of dress collections for your needs. Whether you want to have a Salwar Kameez, Lehenga, or Saree for an occasion, you can get these entire services conveniently.

Dresses at an Affordable Costs

Do you want to get these dresses at suitable costs? Yes, you can, the higher cost is not the big issue you can do cost-effective shopping. Many shops are offering these services to their customers but when it comes to lower price services the Fashion ka Fatka is unbeatable. numerous dresses collections such as the latest designer Sarees for weddings, Sherwani, and Kurta pajamas for weddings or any occasion are easily available at Fashion ka Fatka. This entire shopping can be done online.

Designer Dresses for Weddings

Latest designer dresses such as Black color Pishwas/Anarkali for women, Dazzling Black Sherwani for men, and many others are capable of giving you an amazing look at weddings. There is nothing to worry about these dresses and you can get these clothes at reduced costs. These shoppings are available online for your comfort. No need to move a single inch, you can leverage the online shopping opportunity from wherever you are. Visit for an amazing shopping experience.


No matter whatever the purpose of your shopping, whether it is a marriage ceremony, festival, or any party, your desired clothes are available at Fashion ka Fatka. This offers online shopping so that you can feel comfortable and easier to get a clothes collection hassle-free. Visit today for a new shopping experience.

Tips for Best Matching Dresses for Mother And Daughter

The relationship between a mother and daughter is special, and the mother’s love for her daughter is beyond description. A mother always wants her daughter to wear amazing dresses that can give them a perfect look. Mother-daughter matching dresses have become the fashion trend and preferred by most women.

Mother-daughter matching dresses are being worn by a large number of women at parties and wedding ceremonies. If you are one of them and looking for a shop to buy the same, you can get complete information through this article that will make you able to do shopping perfectly without spending unnecessary cost as well as your precious time.

The great Fashion Ka Fatka has a complete range of the latest and updated mother-daughter matching dresses to provide you for attending every occasion and festival. Hare, you can get all your willing clothes at cost-effective rates. Let’s know in detail how you can get benefitted from shopping from here!

Let’s read between the lines!

Different Kinds of Clothes Under the One Roof

With a massive range of mother-daughter matching dresses the Fashion Ka Fatka is at your service for offering you all your desired clothes in one place. Whether you are looking for Baby Pink Floor Length Mother-Daughter Style Combo Dress, Glossy Purplish Pink & Black Colour Mother-Daughter Style Gown Combo, or Pretty Pink Colour Mother-Daughter Style Heavy Work Sharara Suit Combo, you can get these all clothes under the one roof that will save your precious time and make your shopping more convenient than ever before.

All the desired clothes cost-effectively

Are you thinking about costs? Rest assured! There is no need to worry about the expenses because Fashion Ka Fatka provides you with different kinds of best-designed dresses at cost-effective rates. You can continue your shopping without pondering over the costs and eventually, you will find that you have bought all the clothing collection at an amazing price that you have never thought of before. No matter whatever you choose to buy, the cost will not go beyond your expectations and will remain affordable and unbeatable.

Dresses for Every Occasion

For every occasion and festival, selecting an updated dress is one of the biggest dilemmas, especially for women. Women are considered to be more passionate and selective about dresses in comparison to men. That’s why Fashion Ka Fatka offers the best designed and trending Mother Daughter Matching Dresses that will support you to be the center of attraction on occasions and festivals. Dresses like Exotic Red & Yellow Mother-Daughter Lehenga, and Mesmerising Aqua Blue And Yellow Mother-Daughter Lehenga, and many others like that will be the perfect fit for you.


There are multiple shops for buying clothes but with Fashion Ka Fatka you can do your shopping with a new experience. It provides you an elephantine range of mother-daughter matching dress collections at one shop. Besides the massive range of clothes, it offers all the dresses at an unbeatable price that supports customers buying more dresses without spending more money. For the best clothes, visit Fashion Ka Fatka today.