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Shilpa Shetty style Red Anarkali - Nach Baliye 5 launch

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Dress Type: Anarkali

Fabric: net, silk, chiffon, crepe

Color: Red 

Embellishments: Embroidery Work, Resham Embroidery, Sequins, Zardozi, Motif, Beads, Brocade, Zari, Swarovski crystals, Kundan

Size Available: 36, 38, 40, 42 

Shilpa Shetty style Red Anarkali - Nach Baliye 5 launch

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Regular Price: $430.00

Special Price $299.00


Red has acceptance as a sign of well being in Indian culture therefore, it is traditionally using in the bridal dress. Red generally makes personality outstanding and put you in a center stage in any occasion. In modern trend Anarkali, dresses used to wear in all occasions including wedding. If your Anarkali has red color with shining tone exerted by its high quality fabrics like pure silk (raw silk), crepe silk and wrapping of net in duptta or stole makes someone perfect bride or center of attractions.


The Shilpa Shetty style red Anarkali is heavily embellished with handmade fine work using excellent materials like beads, sequins, crystals, precious stones and silk embroidery work on all over the Anarkali suit. Its half-length sleeves and sleeve belts are loaded with fine handmade work details in dull gold tone. Big rounded neck makes appearance more elegant and attractive. Waistband is wide enough and fine-tuning with handwork on the sleeve belts.


This attire is creating a statement with its large flare and defining a contrasting language on the border by rich zari, brocade, zardozi and sequin work. At bottom, silk Churidar is pairing well with top. When a matching chiffon duptta is placed over this Anarkali, it creates a soothing synergy with its copper edging all around. This designer red Anarkali suit was became famous when Shilpa Shetty had worn it in nach baliye 5 launch event.

Please Take Note:

                “Our QUALITY products and services are the base of our reputations and subject of your TRUST”

  • We take photograph of the product from the masterpiece, but we will send you the replica of the product in the sense of colors, fabrics, workmanships and prints
  • We all may not have same devices with same displays so you may find variations in shades of the color
  • When you have product with manual dying you might have slight variations in colors due to manual dying process
  • We sell displayed cloths only, not accessories like jewellery so if you want to clarify e-mail us
  • Usually, two (2) to three (3) weeks or less [Depends on distance and shipping facilities]
  • When your ordered dress is involving handwork, or any sort of manual work, that may account for delay

Shipment Period:

  • Usually, two (2) to three (3) weeks or less [Depends on distance and shipping facilities]
  • When your ordered dress is involving handwork, or any sort of manual work, that may account for delay


Dry Cleaning precautions:

  • Our humble requests to all our patrons to dry clean all attires with heavy embellishments and embroidery
  • Usage of starch in cleaning is not advisable where pure silk is involved (Crepe, Georgette etc. in any structure of Pure Silk)

Ironing care:

  • The best practices of iron such precious garments is to use cotton cloth on them
  • Always try to iron embellished, embroidered and painted (artwork) apparels on the opposite side
  • Never try to sprinkle water during ironing as you usually do with other simple cloths
  • The best way is to use steam ironing
  • If you wish to look fresh, iron cloths just before wearing

Preservation Techniques:

  • Air drying is good for such delicate attires
  • If you need to place them in Sunlight, never leave them more than 10 minutes otherwise, colors will fade or fabric will degenerate
  • In case of Silks fabric and  Zari work, avoid perfume spray or deodorant spray

In case of Stains:

  • Dry cleaning is excellent in case of normal stains and do that as soon as possible
  • In case of oily stains use petrol wash immediately
  • Usage of dilute stain remover is advisable and according to guidelines only
  • Never try to apply home remedies on such costly dresses

Netted fabrics (NET)

This is a woven fabric either using silk in most case or synthetic fibres in some cases. This one is extremely delicate but sturdy in property therefore, it is a bit difficult to drape. In modern attires, this fabric is highly used due to its elegancy and affordability.


  • Due to its delicate nature, this fabric is preferred to have dry cleaned mainly if any stitching or handwork has done.
  • Hand wash is better, but you can use machine with low cycle
  • Use of cold or lukewarm water along with soft detergent
  • Machine drying is not good for this kinds of garments
  • Avoid direct Sunlight drying
  • Use low heat setting while iron this fabric



Silk is strong and luxurious fabric so mainly used in high-end clothing. It is natural protein fibre so skin friendly with good elasticity, resilience and drapability. It has both properties like cotton it absorbs the perspiration and like wool it non-conductive to heat so comfortable in all seasons.


  • Dry cleaning is preferred.
  • Hand wash only
  • Use cool water
  • Use mild detergents or soaps in small quantity
  • Rinse in cold water
  • Avoid Sun drying
  • No bleaching
  • For white silk you can use peroxide and ammonia
  • Stem ironing is good and use low setting for temperature



Chiffon is a textile made from silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon or in combinations of silk. It is lightweight and semi translucent so popular in modern fashion industry.


  • In case of staining don’t wet or wipe otherwise, it will distort permanently
  • Dry cleaning is advisable
  • Hand wash is good for some wearing, but avoid stretching and shrinking
  • Machine wash with low motion works well, wash at 40 degrees or less
  • Turn it inside out and place in a small mesh baggy and run on delicate cycle
  • Use machine dryer at low speed for few minutes only
  • Use cool water
  • Use bleach-free mild detergents in liquid form only as powder harm it
  • Cool ironing is good, but can use low setting for temperature if needed



Silk is mainly use for formation of crepe but sometime wool and polyester also available. Due to use of silk, it is soft in wearing and useful in every season. This one is easy to drape and moves around. This one is ideal for metallic treaded embroidery and beadwork. Due to its wavy look on surface many modern fashion designers, prefer it for high-end dresses.


  • Due to its silk use, dry cleaning is the best. This is also advisable in case of embellishments on the garment
  • Hand wash is better for polyester crepe, but you can use machine at low speed
  • Use of cold or lukewarm water along with soft detergent
  • Machine drying is not good for this kinds of garments
  • Avoid direct Sunlight drying
  • Use low heat setting while iron this fabric and cool ironing for silk crepe


This style of dresses descended from the Mogul era, on the name of famous Anarkali, a dancer. Theses dresses are just like salwar kameez but stitched heavily and with no bare part so they are very popular among the all traditions mostly in North Indians. They are available as Anarkali salwar kameez and Anarkali lehenga

  • Churidar Salwar: Churidar salwar cuts longer than the length of the leg and finished with buttoned cuff tightly fitted at the ankle. The excess length then falls loosely over the leg in ripples or folds and often resemble the bangles, hence the name “Churi-dar”..
  • Kameez: This is a kind of long shirt or tunic and worn over the salwar and extends up to the knees. The side seams also known as the chaak are left open just below the waist-line for comfort of movement.
  • Dupatta: Dupatta/orni/odhni, chunri, chunni and orna is a stylish accessory and multi-purpose scarf with the salwar-kameez and is placed either over one shoulder or is draped around the chest and both the shoulders.

Embroidery Work

Embroidery is the handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread or yarn color. Much contemporary embroidery is stitch with a computerized embroidery machine using patterns "digitized" with embroidery software.

Resham Embroidery

Resham is an Urdu translation of Silk. When silk threads are use in embroidery work they are termed as resham embroidery. Due to shiny and soft nature of silk, this work looks elegant and beautiful on all sorts of fabrics.


Very decorative disk shape beads, in metal or plastic materials, with variety of colors and geometrical shapes, are sequins. Sometime refer as spangles, paillettes or diamantes. Usually stitched flat to fabric or dangle as stitched at one point. Their multiple facets are reflecting lights so highly used in clothing and other fashion accessories.


Zardozi means sewing with gold so it is costly affair. Some zardozi work are completely sewing the basic fabric and make new sight of pattern and colors while some are in different way with less density. Here, sewing is of cross the strings to make a lattice and colorful pattern.


Motifs can be any size, but usually all the motifs in any given work are the same size. The patterns and stitches used in a motif may vary greatly, but there is almost always some unifying element, such as texture, stitch pattern, or colour, which gives the finished piece more aesthetic appeal.


Beads are small, decorative objects of various shapes and sizes that are pierce to the fabric either for threading or for stringing. They are used creatively to create beautiful designs and patterns on the fabric.


This is a type of decorative shuttle-woven fabrics using colored silk as well as with or without gold and silver threads. This ornamental supplementary, non-structural weft is giving embossing effect and looks as embroidered. There may be three to seven layers of wrap threads in brocading.


Zari is a brocade of tinsel thread traditionally made of fine gold or silver. But in modern days it is manufactured by winding a flattened metallic strip made of pure gold or silver on a core yarn like pure silk, art silk, viscose, cotton, nylon, polyester, wire, etc. When precious material is used it is call real zari, while electroplated copper is used called imitation zari and metallic zari made of slitted polyester metalized film. Today most of garments come with metallic zari as it is lightweight and durable.

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski Company’s patented technique helps create high-quality crystal that has beautiful luster and sparkle to it.


Kundan carefully shaped, cut and polished multicolored gemstones are stitched on the cloths. 

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